Saturday, January 10, 2009

A regret-- a big one.

For some reason this has been weighing on my mind lately. 

I had had signed up for eHarmony back in the summer.  I was matched with a guy named Aaron from a town about three hours to the west of me.  We done the guided communication thing, sent each other an e-mail in August, and that was it.  We e-mailed again in September, and then in October.  The e-mail from him included his phone number.  I called him a couple of days later, and left a voice mail.  He never called me back.  In November, he closed the match with a reason of "other."

I am really regreting not e-mailing him back after I hadn't heard from him in about a week.  I really and truly do.  He seemed like a good guy-- and a guy that I could get along with really well.

He owns a cattle production company and is an ag teacher.  While I grew up on a farm and would love to live on a farm again, I just don't know if I could.  I haven't lived on a farm in about 11 years now-- which is about half of my life.  I guess I am afraid that I have "forgotten" how to live on  a farm.  

Maybe God intervened and saw that it wouldn't have worked out and saved Aaron and I a whole lot of grieve, heartache, and disappointment.

But I am all ready disappointed.  Not in Aaron, (well, kinda-- I'm disappointed that he never called back), but I am really disappointed in the way I handled everything.   For the past few days, I have had Darius Rucker's song "Don't Think I Don't Think About It" song going through my head.  

I regret this-- big time.  Maybe Aaron and I weren't meant to be.  Or maybe it just wasn't the right time.  The only person that knows is God.  

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whirligigdaisy said...

I hate regrets. I really do.